Friday, 9 December 2011

One day I was walking in the direction of Mbale with my companions Yehudah and Eliyahu and they told me that they were not studying in Nabugoya at the SK school but in Mbale town. I asked them how they got there..........

silly question,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

on foot of course. 

I thought that was was a grand idea to walk in beautiful surroundings

along the path

through (somewhat overgrazed) fields

and hamlets

Did they really expect me to tell them which way we needed to go?

 Nope. My kind and gentle friends were patiently waiting for me to wheeze my way up to them.

Friendly locals were going about their business.......

You're never too young to help mummy .....

  Spring water...... how many trips a liter?  
Wheeling out the big guns...........
Daddy's also pressed into service

Sometimes people are heading in a different direction

  with Mount Elgon rising up in the background. 

But then I wondered if two hours walking the same path

on an empty stomach 

before and after studies each day  would be so much fun, even if I was fit (which i'm most decidedly not nowadays). 

Of course there are some compensations to having a long walk ..........

You get to meet old friends........

But the reality is that the abayudaya do not have funds to pay for meals for students studying outside of the campus. So after a breakfast of tea and nothing else these young men

would walk an hour to school, study all day and then spend another hour walking back home before having their evening meal at the rabbi's house. Such a long day fueled by tea is surely a lot to expect of anyone.

And Eliyahu (red & yellow kipah) told me his grades had suffered. Rather than getting top grades in his 'O' levels he had an overall 'B'.  

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