Saturday, 21 January 2012

Refuah Shelema to Jessica רפואה שלמה

Update 13th May 2012 - On my last visit to Uganda I believed that there was a possibility that some of my donations were not used for the purpose I thought they were intended for. I decided to make some investigations yet could still not get to the bottom of the matter which bothered me most, as to whether the undoubtedly sick child had actually received the operation I paid for. 

I am somewhat chastened and believe now that monies donated should be followed up closely if they are intended for a communal purpose, or if they are intended to achieve any other goal. 
People are very needy and I will still make small donations to individuals as in the past, but communal charity should not be given to one individual and forgotten about.

I feel that the giver of charity has a responsibility to  follow up and see that the intended beneficiaries actually benefit from the charity given. This is not a foregone conclusion.
Solomon informed me about Jessica a child with a heart problem who he has taken under his wing and for whom funds were needed to pay for an operation. I'm happy to say that the modest amount that Solomon needed has meant that Jessica in the last week underwent a successful heart operation in the privately run chinese hospital in Jinja Uganda.

Solomon says that Jessica although very poorly after the operation is now out of danger. 

Solomon has been מסירת נפש
in taking food, milk and medicaments to Jessica and those caring for her. These are not provided by the hospital.

Everything has to be provided for by the family or as the little girl has no family, by Solomon who cares for Jessica and other orphans in the Abayudaya's Namanyonyi community.

'Ya Shekoach' Solomon for all you have done.

רפואה   שלמה Jessica. May you have a long, healthy and happy life.

N.B. This post was written after shabbat ended. The recorded time is wrong.

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