Monday, 9 January 2012

With less than two months now until the next trip there is still room in my case for essentials for the Abayudaya

There is a very great need indeed for antimalarials. If you have any left over from a recent trip then they are urgently needed. This need is open ended and in whatever quantity will be useful (with at least 1year before expiry). The main drugs are Malarone (proguanil & atovaquone), Lariam (mefloquine) and Doxycycline but if you have other antimalarials such as those used to treat cases of malaria (e.g. Coarthemeter - artemether and lumefantrine ) please get in touch as there no doubt about it, anti-malarials you provide will save lives.

  • Mosquito Nets (preferably impregnated with Permethrin)
  • Medicines - antimalarials, antibiotics of any kind but expecially doxycycline.
  • Dressings
  • Multi-vitamins, iron tablets etc
  • Small torches
  • Toothbrushes
  • Deet mosquito repellant
  • Mosquito coils (slow burning, not electric as few homes have electricity)
  • Musical Instruments - lightweight (I have to put them in my suitcase). Descant/Treble recorders that you no longer need are the ideal instrument as they are a fully functioning instrument to learn on with the bonus that I can put a number in my bag. The odd violin, clarinet, flute etc or even a guitar might also be of use.
  • Laptops/Netbooks - They don't have to be new but should be in good working order. It is not essential to have a working battery but it will be helpful if the battery does work as power cuts are frequent.
  • Solar Panel installation sponsorship - this would enable communities not connected to the power grid to have light after dark, be able to recharge mobile phones, torches.....
  • Religious items - kosher tephillin, mezuzot etc. Different communities will have different needs. Finding these out will be part of my next trip in March 2011.
  • If you wish to sponsor a child through school or a student through university then you will be contributing to the future prosperity of the community. Less than £1,000 a year will see a child through school, and £3,000 a year for a student to go to university. There are many young people who have passed all their exams yet had to drop out of university because of funding problems. If you sponsor a named child through school/university then you will be given their details and regular updates as well as the details of how your money is spent. If you wish to sponsor anyone mentioned on this blog then feel free to contact me. 
If you don't have money to contribute, then maybe you have time to spare and a skill instead?
  • Do you speak Hebrew or French? Do you have skills in IT or music? Maybe you can teach guitar, recorder or keyboard? If you can provide the lessons i'll provide the instrument(s). 
  • Are you medically trained, a nurse or a doctor? You could train up first responders in basic life saving skills. Maybe you have another skill that you think might be useful. 
  • You will need to commit yourself to a minimum of one month and finance yourself whilst volunteering, Costs will be minimal but accomodation will be basic.

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