This community was founded in 1920 by a warrior chieftain Semei Kakungulu formerly a Malakite christian and one of the architects of modern day Uganda. The community after being decimated in the time of Idi Amin's regime of terror now numbers around 1,000 people, a third of its previous number.

The Abayudaya are a vibrant and forward looking community despite being quite spread out with seven synagogues forming the nucleus of each community outpost. The community of Namanyoni is the nearest being just a kilometer away. The furthest community is forty kilometers away.

Development of the community has progressed in leaps and bounds since Rabbi Gershom Sizomu took over the leadership of the community. 

The Abayudaya were officially in the main converted and accepted into the conservative religious movement which has given much material and religious support to the community. The community of Putti is not yet converted as its members are working towards one day being accepted into the orthodox jewish community.

The Abayudaya has a long way to go before it will achieve financial stability as most of the community members are farmers living at a subsistence level and existing precariously. Notwithstanding this the community makes the sacrifices necessary so that its children, and neighbouring communities' children should be educated. There are presently 700 children attending the Abayudaya schools (jewish and gentile) with a small number of community members studying at university.